Abnormal Loads – Safe Leadership

Ackroy Bualten, Transport Supervisor, has been leading his team since Monday in the safe delivery of abnormally wide and long accommodation units. The team depart Tabubil early morning and convoy down to Kiunga where they are loaded with the units from the OTML wharf.

Ackroy guides his team, inclusive of riggers, to ensure each unit is thoroughly fastened, stable and ready to travel the 136km journey back to Tabubil safely. The team are guided by an escort vehicle that travels one kilometer in front of the trucks to ensure other road users can stop and make space for the proceeding convoy.

The convoy reach their point of unloading where the OTML engineering and projects team use an eighty-ton crane to lift and maneuver the units onto their fixed platforms. Ackroy ensures every step of the journey is documented and load checked via TKI’s digital safety interface, to ensure at all times there is accountability, documented procedure and his team all come home safe.


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