Emergency Tunnel Support Structure

Our technical team completed the project ‘Emergency Tunnel Support Structure’ at the OTML CV11 crusher which was to re-build the support structure and the installation of lobster back beams on the culvert.

The project was carried out to give the tunnel further support below the ore grade stockpile.  Our technical team carried out the works in site, cutting out corroded members, resetting the new members and welding in place. Before the team could install lobster backs, a pre-fabrication process was carried out at the workshop. The fitting and welding was made easier for the team due to their experience in doing similar type of work. The job was completed in a little over two weeks, despite hazards like continuous bad weather, heavy loads that required manual movement, work at heights and an inclined base angle of 45 degrees. The work was carried safely with zero harm to the team.

Although a tough one, the technical team completed the task and congratulations to those involved. 

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