First Company Charter Flight

On January the 8th, TKIs first company specific charter departed Port Moresby and landed in Tabubil.

As the company has expanded over the years, accommodating all our FIFO workers has been somewhat of a challenge using public aviation companies. Realizing some of our localized partners, such as Hastings Deering were also facing the same problem, the team contacted hevilift who were more than happy to assist in streamlining travel.

Flights currently depart on a weekly basis, but as TKI expands operations, we expect to see an increase in demand and introduction of additional routes. As a business we are always looking for ways to improve our operations, this is just one of many initiatives being implemented in 2020. 

Visitor Comments

Gedion Timothy on 16 Jan 2020
Wow great for the company
Imange on 22 Jan 2020
Great Initiative :)

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