Diesel Tankers in Operation

TKI, in partnership with Ok Tedi Mining Limited, have started the transportation of diesel along the Kiunga – Tabubil highway, this is to assist OTML in maintaining their diesel supplies for the mining operation.

The transport team were looking forward to taking on this new challenge and to assist them, two new Kenworth T590s were bought in from Australia specifically to perform this service. The units run an automatic gear box backed up by aftermarket low ratio differentials. The set up ensures that the operators have consistent low range power and control on the sometimes challenging highway.

The fuel Tankers are made up of five compartments, each capable of up to 9000L, reaching a total capacity of 45000L. With two units in operation 7 days a week, TKI are transporting 630,000L of diesel on a weekly basis and covering 3700 kilometres of difficult road terrain.

The team in charge of safety, strategized the undertaking before commencement, with the addition of extra spill kits, fire extinguishers and wheel blocks added to the units. The drivers underwent further professional development training in order to maximise the units safe operating capacity.

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