Fatigue Day & Compassionate Leave Policy

TKI recognises that one of the biggest risks to team safety is fatigue or the inability to focus on a task at hand due to personal or unforeseen circumstances. This can affect any one at any time, A huge proportion of work place injuries are a direct result of the above.

We have decided to reduce this risk by offering our team the ability to recognise fatigue and take the day of to sort out the issue that is the cause. Each staff member (division dependant) is allocated 3 paid days of a year if they feel fatigued before their course of working duty. This gives them the opportunity to recover without affecting their income, which is often the reason for not identifying fatigue.

Furthermore, we recognise that although our admin team are not physically working, they too can suffer from outside influences that affect their ability to safely carry out their work. TKI allocate 2 paid compassionate leave days per year to ensure our team have the opportunity to address issues without sacrificing pay.


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