Smart Cameras Keeping Drivers Safe

TKI have unrolled the first phase of smart cameras throughout our fleet of prime movers and subsequent support vehicles.

The cameras are positioned in cab and monitor the driver behavior while in operations. The cameras pick up excessive yawning, smoking, chewing of betel nut and the prolonged closure of eyes. The driver is immediately alerted via voice command as to the breach of protocol or risk of fatigue, promoting the driver to either cease with undesirable behavior or pull over and wait for a relief driver to continue the journey.

The information is live fed to head office, where the safety, transport and mechanical team are alerted through email video and an onsite interactive display. This gives our team the tools and knowledge to combat unsafe practice or fatigue within our operations.

 It is TKIs goal to have these cameras fitted throughout all our high-risk vehicles / plant and machinery as a preemptive step to stop injury within the industry.

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