TKI Management Team conducted a group pre-start meeting this morning where we see TKI HR Manager, Safety Manager and MD & CEO carrying out an awareness on the COVID-19 vaccination to all department groups at the TKI yard, Laydown, Tabubil.

Facts, data and other statistics were presented to address the rise in COVID cases especially the delta variant and the importance of getting the vaccine.


Peter Pridgeon, MD & CEO said “COVID Vaccine is just like measles and polio vaccine that we get when we were little to prevent us from getting these viruses when growing up”.

COVID vaccine prevents you from getting the virus and even if you get the virus, your body defense system will react faster to eliminate the virus and saves you from getting very sick and dying.


COVID Vaccination remains voluntary, however everyone is encouraged to think of themselves, their colleagues, their families and be responsible enough to make the right decision to take the vaccine.

TKI has initiated a Vaccination Drive with a goal of achieving 100% vaccinated employees by end of September.

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