Sporting Field Light Repairs

The Tabubil sports field hosts all forms of events, from weekly soccer tournaments, touch rugby games and town gatherings / celebrations. As part of the end of year health campaign, OTML and contractors have engaged in a touch rugby tournament during the weeknights. Upon begging the competition, it was established that the flood lights allowing evening games were no longer working.

The electrical department comprise of highly skilled electricians, capable of taking on any task. They were called in not only because they are more than capable of fixing lighting, they also had the equipment and knowledge to reach the lights and repair them safely.

Using a TKI elevated work platform, maintained to ISO:55001 asset management standards, the team proceeded to elevate themselves to working level with the lighting tower. They were able to carry out the task quickly and safely with no incidents recorded.

The team are skilled with not only electrical works, but also have knowledge and capabilities to operate needed machinery and equipment that are a secondary part of listed works, all while ensuring the job at hand safe for all those involved. 


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