Supporting Local Sport

TKI is proud to sponsor local sporting communities within the Western Province and PNG. This season TKI provided the DUFO soccer club with a new set of uniforms. Not only is this a requirement for the league in which they compete, it’s also great for confidence within the team, as evident by the 3-0 win in their last game.

The club president, Vincent Sermon, commended TKI for supporting the team, noting that it’s great to see local business supporting local communities.

Sports are a great way to stay healthy within day to day life, it also encourages lasting friendships and builds bonds between different communities through fair competition. TKI are always happy to support the things that help and grow our community.

Visitor Comments

Brenden Rasal on 8 Aug 2019
TKI is one of the well organized contractor in Tabubil that helps especially young people to live their dream by organizing sports such rugby and soccer. I am very proud of TKI and its work towards helping young people. I hope TKI could Host a rugby tournament this December 2019.

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