TKI Lend a Hand

The Tabubil Country Club is a well-known retreat amongst the National & Expat community within the township. Serving food, beverages and hosting busy social events can take its toll on the furnishing and equipment.

 The Club Committee decided to brighten the venue up with a new set of furniture, decorative planting & a re-shuffle of the stage. Over a couple orange juices the previous weekend, it was agreed that TKI would step up and assist with installation of 40 Flat pack tables and other furnishings/movements within the establishment.

 On Sunday 31.03.19 a TKI transport truck delivered the furnishings to the club. Peter Pridgeon-TKI GM, Derrick Kelly-OTML Mining GM and Tracy Hart-Club president, along with a TKI team, tackled the project. By the end of the day, the club looked new and ready for another year of enjoyment. 

 A job well done by all those involved. 

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