Improving Safety Systems Accountability

Zachariah Yaot started with TKI in June 2019, tasked with building the internal safety systems compliance within TKI, through product / equipment and system accountability.

Zach has managed in this short time to work with the quality assurance team to develop digital site check templates, based on the existing compliance software used. This monitors all key safety equipment throughout working yards and staff accommodation, such as fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, spill kits and first aid kits etc, ensuring that on a weekly basis it is checked and compliant to meet the needs of an emergency situation.

All company vehicles / plant and heavy machinery have had their safety equipment fitted with tracking tags, allowing Zach and his team to recall expired or out of test equipment as well as renew and upgrade existing equipment as per job requirements.

 Although there is still more ongoing work and systems implementation, the steps taken in the short time towards safety equipment accountability is huge, well done to Zach and his team for the hard work and commitment to safety.

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