Security Division Expanding

The TKI security are always expanding their scope of works. Ok Tedi Mining’s asset protection division contracts TKI security to undertake a bulk of their security related duties. This ranges from daily/nightly patrols within the township to more business orientated roles such as guarding the mine access, patrolling the mill and mine areas as well as various other mining related duties.

The team operates 24/7, 365 days of the year. Elizah, TKI security manager has a well-developed team and schedule to ensure all TKIs obligations are met to our customers.

The teams start and end of day preparations take place at the TKI yards in either Tabubil or Kiunga . This involves briefings or de-briefings, breakfast or dinner made on site at TKI, and safety meetings to ensure above all else we get the job done incident free.

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